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Mercedes SLR McLaren NOS carbon brake disc and caliper
  • Mercedes SLR McLaren NOS Carbon Brake Disc and Caliper

    Introducing the Mercedes SLR McLaren NOS Carbon Brake Disc and Calliper with Unused Pads, an exceptional and highly sought-after collector's item from Brembo with beautiful gold embellishments. This flawless set contains a brand new ceramic brake disc and calliper from the classic Mercedes-McLaren SLR, as well as unused brake pads. Known for their excessive repair costs, as observed by Doug Demuro, who stated that a single front brake rotor might cost over $23,000, these components are not only functional but also extremely valuable. The gorgeous gold details on the Brembo-designed calliper lend a touch of refinement to this set, making it ideal as a spare for SLR owners or as a one-of-a-kind art piece for car lovers. Owning this set is a rare chance, given the SLR's reputation for having some of the most costly brakes to repair, which may cost between $35,000 and $45,000 for a whole set. This set is an outstanding must-have for collectors and makes a gorgeous addition to any SLR.




    • Pristine, Never-Used Components: Includes a brand-new ceramic brake disc and caliper from the Mercedes-McLaren SLR.
    • Unused Brake Pads: The set comes with pristine, unused brake pads for optimal performance.
    • Luxurious Gold Accents: The Brembo-designed caliper features stunning gold accents, adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity.
    • Highly Collectible: Collectors and hobbyists value these components because of their excessive replacement costs.
    • Perfect for SLR Owners: An ideal spare set for SLR owners or a unique art piece for automotive enthusiasts.




    Q1: What is included in the Mercedes SLR McLaren NOS Carbon Brake Disc and Caliper set?

    A1: The kit comprises a new ceramic brake disc, a Brembo calliper with gold embellishments, and unused brake pads.

    Q2: Why are these components considered highly collectible?

    A2: These components are extremely valuable due to their scarcity and excessive replacement costs, which can vary from $35,000 to $45,000 for a complete set. The distinctive gold embellishments and immaculate condition increase their appeal.

    Q3: Are the brake pads included in this set unused?

    A3: Yes, the bundle includes unused brake pads, assuring maximum performance and lifespan.

    Q4: Can this set be used as a spare for my Mercedes SLR McLaren?

    A4: Absolutely. This set is ideal as a backup for SLR users, giving a dependable and luxury alternative for replacement when necessary.

    Q5: What makes the gold accents on the caliper special?

    A5: The gold accents on the Brembo-designed calliper provide a sense of elegance and uniqueness, making this set not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing for collectors and enthusiasts.


    Worldwide shipping is available at an additional cost.

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