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Ferrari Testarossa Tan Suit Carrier Bag
  • Ferrari Testarossa Tan Suit Carrier Bag With Dust Bag

    Introducing the Ferrari Testarossa Tan Suit Carrier Bag With Dust Bag, a classic piece for any Ferrari lover or collector. This unique tan suit carrier bag, developed exclusively for the classic Ferrari Testarossa, is made of high quality fabrics for both durability and flair. Its beautiful design represents the richness and sophistication associated with the Ferrari brand. This suit carrier bag is in excellent shape and comes with a key tag and the original dust cover, ensuring that your suit carrier stays spotless. This carrier is a must have for any Ferrari fan looking to safeguard their suits while on the road.




    • Authentic Ferrari Design: Original Schedoni luggage for the Ferrari Testarossa.
    • Premium Quality: Made with high quality tan leather for longevity and a gorgeous appeal.
    • Complete Set: Includes the original dust cover and key tag.
    • Excellent Condition: Carefully preserved, reflecting minimal signs of use.
    • Elegant and Practical: Designed to protect your suits while traveling in style.




    1. Is this suit carrier compatible with all Ferrari models?

    • This suit carrier is exclusively developed for the Ferrari Testarossa, resulting in a precise fit and realistic appearance.

    2. What are the dimensions of the suit carrier?

    • The dimensions are meant to comfortably accommodate typical suit sizes, providing enough capacity for your belongings while being small enough for easy transport.

    3. How do I care for the leather of the suit carrier?

    • To preserve the leather in good condition, use a leather conditioner and avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. When not in use, keep it in the original dust cover.

    4. Is the key tag original and what does it signify?

    • Yes, the key tag is authentic and demonstrates the real and unique nature of the Schedoni luggage developed specifically for the Ferrari Testarossa.

    5. Can this suit carrier be used for regular travel?

    • Absolutely, this suit carrier is both a collector's item and a handy travel accessory, suitable for protecting your suits on any trip.
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