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1995-97 Ferrari F50 Toolkit
  • 1995-97 Ferrari F50 Toolkit

    Ferrari F50 Toolkit, a collector's dream with only 349 units ever crafted. This meticulously assembled set includes:


    A sophisticated Black Leather Scheodni Tool Bag

    Precision-engineered Ferrari Wrenches

    Durable Ferrari Pliers

    Tow eye

    A period-correct Tyre Inflator Set

    Brand new leather book pack including Ferrari F50 owner's manual

    This set also comes with a Ferrari Mag Lite torch

    Tailor-made for the Ferrari F50, this kit stands as a hallmark of exclusivity and prestige. Whether your F50 is in need of its original tool kit or you desire a spare for posterity, acquiring this kit is more than just an addition to your collection - it's a rare treasure, reflecting the illustrious heritage of the Ferrari F50.


    Worldwide shipping is available at an additional cost.


    Guide price: £25,000 - £30,000

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