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1987-1992 Ferrari F40 Tyre Inflator Set
  • 1987-1992 Ferrari F40 Tyre Inflator Set

    Introducing the original 1987-92 Ferrari F40 Tyre Inflator Set, a must have accessory for any Ferrari F40 lover or collector. This tyre inflator canister is authentically produced by AGIP and comes in its original weave style casing, which fully mirrors the factory delivery state. This inflator set, a must have for any F40 tool box, is an uncommon discovery, especially in such excellent shape.



    • Authenticity: Original tyre inflator set for the 1987-92 Ferrari F40
    • Manufacturer: Authentically crafted by AGIP
    • Case: Correct weave-style case
    • Condition: Pristine, like-new condition
    • Usage: Essential for maintaining the factory delivery state of your F40 tool kit



    Q1: Is this tyre inflator set an original Ferrari accessory?

    A1: Yes, this is an original tyre inflator set for the 1987-92 Ferrari F40, crafted by AGIP.

    Q2: What kind of case does the inflator come in?

    A2: The inflator is housed in the right weave-style casing, which matches the original delivery state.

    Q3: What is the condition of the tyre inflator set?

    A3: The tyre inflator set is in pristine, like-new condition.

    Q4: Why is this inflator set considered a rare find?

    A4: This inflator set is rarely seen in such great shape, making it an excellent addition to any F40 toolkit.

    Q5: Is this inflator set compatible with other Ferrari models?

    A5: This inflator set is particularly tailored for the Ferrari F40, assuring authenticity and compatibility with this vehicle.

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