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Ferrari 575 Superamerica Schedoni Luggage Bag
  • Ferrari 575 Superamerica Schedoni Luggage Bag

    Introducing the Ferrari 575 Superamerica. Schedoni Luggage Bag is a unique and excellent accessory developed just for the Ferrari 575M Superamerica. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, this V12 convertible-specific travel bag exemplifies Ferrari's unsurpassed elegance and workmanship. The bag is crafted from fine Cognac leather, accented with black piping and zippers, and finished with subtle carbon accents. The unique 'Cavallino' insignia is prominently displayed on the bag, indicating its authenticity and exclusivity. Inside, the 'Schedoni Modena' insignia is delicately imprinted on Cognac leather squares, giving this collector's item an extra sense of refinement and legacy. Ideal for Ferrari aficionados and collectors, this brand-new baggage bag not only compliments the vehicle's look but also guarantees that your journeys are stylish and luxurious.




    • Exclusive Design: Tailored specifically for the Ferrari 575M Superamerica.
    • Premium Materials: Made from high-quality Cognac leather with black piping and zippers.
    • Authentic Accents: Features carbon accents and the iconic 'Cavallino' emblem.
    • Elegant Interior: 'Schedoni Modena' logo stamped on Cognac leather squares.
    • Brand New Condition: Pristine condition, ideal for collectors and enthusiasts.




    1. What materials are used in the Ferrari 575 Superamerica Schedoni Luggage Bag?

    The baggage bag is made of fine Cognac leather, with black piping and zippers. It also has carbon highlights and the recognisable 'Cavallino' insignia.

    2. Is the Schedoni Luggage Bag specifically designed for the Ferrari 575M Superamerica?

    Yes, this baggage bag is specifically made for the Ferrari 575M Superamerica, providing a flawless fit and complimenting the vehicle's luxurious appearance.

    3. What condition is the luggage bag in?

    The Ferrari 575 Superamerica Schedoni Luggage Bag is in brand-new condition, making it an excellent choice for collectors and Ferrari aficionados.

    4. What are the interior details of the Schedoni Luggage Bag?

    The interior of the bag has the 'Schedoni Modena' insignia tastefully embossed on Cognac leather squares, bringing a touch of refinement and legacy.

    5. Can this luggage bag be used for travel?

    Yes, while the bag is a collector's piece, it is also totally useful for travel, providing both flair and utility on your adventures.

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