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1991-94 Ferrari 512 TR Schedoni Luggage Set Black Testarossa
  • 1991-94 Ferrari 512 TR Schedoni Luggage Set Black Testarossa

    Ideal for Practical Use at an Attractive Price


    Presenting a classy, barely used Schedoni luggage set made especially for the Ferrari 512 TR. Despite being pre-owned, this four-piece set is in excellent shape. The black leather exterior bears storage markings that verify its authentic usage; nonetheless, the exquisite internal lining is still in place despite a few tiny flaws. The genuine vintage attractiveness is enhanced by the brass components, which have some wear but have not been polished to preserve their character.

    This set gives Ferrari 512 TR owners who want luxury and functionality the chance to enjoy these parts without having to worry too much about wear. It's an unrivalled opportunity to combine elegance and usefulness for your 512 TR, especially if it has a black inside, given its competitive cost. You may travel in luxury with this package, which is ideal for improving the Ferrari's utilitarian and aesthetic worth. For your convenience, we provide international delivery so you may enjoy these beautiful pieces wherever you are.



    • Four-Piece Set: includes a range of baggage components to meet various demands for packing.
    • Authentic Schedoni Leather: Premium black leather, renowned for its ageless look and resilience.
    • Original Brass Hardware: preserves the authenticity and antique beauty of the set.
    • Interior Lining: Delicate lining in outstanding shape despite slight imperfections.
    • Ideal for Ferrari 512 TR: ideal complement and fit for the Ferrari 512 TR's interior, particularly for black-interiored cars.
    • Worldwide Shipping: Convenient shipping options to ensure you receive your luggage set no matter your location.



    1. What condition is the Schedoni luggage set in?

    • With a few little flaws on the internal lining and some storage marks on the leather exterior, the set is in excellent shape overall. Although the brass components are worn, they haven't been polished to preserve their uniqueness.

    2. How many pieces are included in the set?

    • This is a four-piece luggage set, providing various options for different packing needs.

    3. Is the luggage set compatible with other Ferrari models?

    • Although the size and appearance are especially designed for the Ferrari 512 TR, they work well with other versions as well.

    4. Can the brass elements be polished if desired?

    • Although the brass components have been kept in their natural form to maintain the historical look, they may be polished if you would like a nicer finish.
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