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Ferrari 250 GTO Print by Jan Rambousek
  • Ferrari 250 GTO Print by Jan Rambousek

    Certificate of Authenticity with a unique hologram number 223290


    Print Number: 11 out of 50


    Print Size: 110 x 47 cm


    This exquisite piece by Jan Rambousek is part of the limited ‘Colors of Speed’ collection, showcasing the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO in a stunning red. The print, numbered 11 out of a limited run of 50, comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its originality and exclusivity. It’s printed on high-quality Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper, renowned for its remarkable detail and color depth. This artwork was bought in 2016 for £3100 directly from the gallery and has been well-maintained, making it a valuable addition for any collector or enthusiast of fine automotive art. The piece is a testament to Rambousek’s skill in blending digital artistry with automotive passion, making it a unique and limited gallery item.

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