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Ferrari 250 GTO Print by Jan Rambousek
  • Ferrari 250 GTO Print by Jan Rambousek

    Introducing Ferrari 250 GTO Print by Jan Rambousek, a masterpiece from the limited 'Colours of Speed' series. This magnificent artwork, numbered 11 out of 50, depicts the renowned Ferrari 250 GTO in a vivid red colour, representing automotive brilliance and racing legacy. This stunning 110 x 47 cm print is precisely made on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper, which is known for its remarkable detail and colour depth.


    This print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity bearing the unique hologram number 223290, which certifies its exclusivity and originality. This well-maintained sculpture, purchased straight from the gallery in 2016 for £3100, is an excellent addition to any collection, showcasing Rambousek's superb combination of digital craftsmanship and automotive love.



    • Limited Edition: Only 50 prints available, with this being number 11.
    • Certificate of Authenticity: Comes with a unique hologram number 223290.
    • Print Size: 110 x 47 cm, offering a grand visual appeal.
    • High-Quality Paper: Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper for remarkable detail and color.
    • Exclusive Purchase History: Bought in 2016 for £3100 directly from the gallery.
    • Artistic Excellence: Showcases Jan Rambousek’s exceptional digital artistry.




    What makes this Ferrari 250 GTO print unique?

    • This print is part of a limited edition of only 50, assuring its scarcity and exclusiveness. It also includes a certificate of authenticity with a unique hologram number, ensuring its legitimacy.

    What is the significance of the Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper?

    • Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper is known for its high quality, which provides remarkable detail and colour depth, making artwork lively and lifelike.

    How was the condition of the print maintained since its purchase?

    • The print has been well-maintained since its purchase in 2016, preserving its pristine condition and ensuring its longevity as a valuable collectible.

    What is the size of the print, and will it fit in a standard frame?

    • The print measures 110 x 47 cm. Due to its unique size, it may require a custom frame to ensure it is displayed perfectly.

    Who is Jan Rambousek, and what is his significance in the art world?

    • Jan Rambousek is a well-known digital artist who excels in combining digital art with automobile themes. His paintings, especially the 'Colours of Speed' collection, are renowned for their vivid realism and impassioned depictions of historic automobiles.
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