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Paul Oz
  • Alberto 6ft (8ft Including Plinth) By Paul Oz

    Alberto 6ft (8ft Including Plinth) By Paul Oz: The "Alberto" sculpture by Paul Oz is a magnificent 6-foot (8-foot plus plinth) bronze monument named after Ferrari's first Formula One world champion, Alberto Ascari. This stunning sculpture depicts the renowned Ferrari insignia in the dynamic shape of a genuine horse, embodying the sense of speed, power, and grace. The creative procedure included teaching a TV stunt horse, Luminoso, to rear on one leg and filming the event in 3D with an innovative apparatus surrounded by 200 cameras.


    This laborious procedure produced an awe-inspiring sculpture that stands perfectly balanced on one little hoof, a feat of engineering and creativity that could not have been accomplished with standard clay modelling. The sculpture's dynamic twist and exact craftsmanship mirror the horse's strong energy and weight transfer, demonstrating both the subject's soul and the artist's expertise.



    • Height: 6 feet (8 feet including plinth)
    • Material: 30 kg of bronze
    • Capturing Process: 3D capture using 200 cameras
    • Balance: Perfectly balanced on one small hoof
    • Tribute: Named after Ferrari's first F1 world champion, Alberto Ascari
    • Artist: Created by Paul Oz




    1. What inspired the creation of the 'Alberto' sculpture?

    The sculpture was inspired by the famous Ferrari emblem and aims to bring it to life with a genuine horse rising on one leg, expressing the brand's dynamic energy and grace.

    2. How was the horse, Luminoso, trained for this sculpture?

    Luminoso, a TV stunt horse, spent three weeks practicing to rear on one leg. The scene was then filmed in 3D using a setup with 200 cameras.

    3. What makes 'Alberto' unique compared to other sculptures?

    'Alberto' is remarkable because of its exquisite balance on one foot, which was done using innovative 3D capture techniques. The correctness and dynamic twist of the horse's shape distinguish it from typical sculptures.

    4. Why was the sculpture named 'Alberto'?

    The sculpture is named after Alberto Ascari, Ferrari's first F1 world champion, paying tribute to his legacy and the spirit of the Ferrari brand.

    5. What is the significance of the sculpture's material?

    The sculpture is composed of 30 kg of bronze, which was chosen for its durability and ability to capture fine details, contributing to the statue's magnificent presence and long life.

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