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Alberto by Paul Oz
  • Alberto 3ft (4ft including plinth) by Paul Oz

    To answer the question that I'm sure everyone was asking 'What would the iconic logo look like when performed by a real horse?', there was only one way to do it; to train a stunt horse to rear on one leg, and capture him in 3D whilst he did it. 

    After three weeks training we brought TV stunt horse Luminoso into our hastily enlarged 3D rig, surrounded by 200 cameras. He didn't lift his second standing foot high or for very long, but what this did give was a dynamic twist as all his weight was transferred onto one leg and directly underneath him... but even so, it truly amazed all of us in the foundry when the first 3ft tall cast, 30kg of bronze, balanced perfectly on one small hoof without being bolted down. Accuracy that I openly admit I could never have achieved if modelling from scratch in clay.


    Named 'Alberto' after Ferrari's first F1 world champion Alberto Ascari.

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