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250 LM Berlinetta case
  • 250 LM Berlinetta case

    Exceedingly Rare Ferrari 250 LM Collector's Book Set – Exclusive to Japan in the 1990s.

    This unique collector's item is a special book set dedicated to the Ferrari 250 LM, created by Ferrari SpA and Festine Lente. Limited to just 200 pieces, it was exclusively offered to the Japanese Ferrari club. This set is a blend of Japanese bookbinding excellence and Italian aluminum craftsmanship, officially recognized by Ferrari Headquarters (SEFAC).


    The set includes:

    • A photo book of the fully restored, famed "VI 550000" and chassis number "5903" in dark red, featuring bellows-shaped bookbinding.
    • 2. A detailed history of the 250LM, including all production vehicles and prototypes, presented in crimson with high-quality paper.
    • 3. A complete reprint of the original manual in brown and white cover, Italian text. Additionally, a CD-ROM capturing the engine and running sound of "5903" and a replica of its chassis number slip are included.

    This set is not just a book collection but a true art piece, reflecting a fusion of Italian and Japanese artisanship. Final photos will be sent in the next email, with attached photos illustrating the set's contents. A must-have for collectors, given its limited publication and regional exclusivity.

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