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Ferrari Enzo Tool kit
  • 2002-2004 Ferrari Enzo Tool Kit

    The 2002-2004 Ferrari Enzo Tool Kit is the pinnacle of automotive elegance. This well organised collection is an indispensable resource for Ferrari Enzo aficionados and owners. This tool kit, housed in a magnificent Schedoni leather box, serves as both a practical requirement and a statement of beauty and accuracy. Each instrument is made to the greatest standards of quality, assuring dependability and longevity. This unique and pristine tool kit, which originally came with the limited run of 400 Ferrari Enzos, is a must-have for any serious collector or owner preparing for concours or exhibition displays.

    The tool set has an exceptional assortment of tools, each tailored for a specialised maintenance and repair operation, ensuring that your Ferrari Enzo stays in top shape. The set also includes an incredibly rare lithography set, complete with factory owner's handbook and bag, which adds substantial value and historical significance to the collection. Worldwide delivery is available, allowing Ferrari aficionados from all over the world to purchase this amazing tool package.



    • Schedoni Leather Case: High-quality, durable leather case that exudes luxury and sophistication.
    • Pliers: Essential for various maintenance tasks, ensuring you are prepared for any situation.
    • Spanner Set: Comprehensive set for precise adjustments and repairs.
    • Towing Eye: Vital for safe and secure towing.
    • USAG Ratchet Screwdriver & Attachments: Versatile and robust, ideal for a range of screwdriving tasks.
    • Fuses & Bulbs: Spare fuses and bulbs to keep your Ferrari Enzo running smoothly.
    • Rare Lithography Set: Includes the factory owner's manual and pouch, enhancing the kit's collectability.




    1. Is the tool kit compatible with other Ferrari models?

    While the package is created exclusively for the Ferrari Enzo, certain tools may work with other Ferrari vehicles. However, because of its specialised design and particular components, it works best with the Enzo.

    2. What is the condition of the tools?

    The tools are in superb, undisturbed condition, with their original quality and performance, making this set extremely desirable to both collectors and owners.

    3. Can the tool kit be used for everyday maintenance?

    Yes, the tool kit includes all essential tools required for routine maintenance and minor repairs, ensuring your Ferrari Enzo is always in prime condition.

    4. Is there any documentation included with the tool kit?

    Yes, the tool kit comes with a rare lithography set, including the factory owner's manual with a pouch, adding significant historical and practical value.

    5. How can I purchase the tool kit?

    The toolkit is available for international shipment. For purchasing queries, please contact our customer service team to discuss payment and delivery options.

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